9055 Articulated Tractor


9055 Articulated Tractor The most powerful of the medium-range articulated tractors , it is certified to use 18-inch wheels and offers maximum manoeuvrability, reliability and driver comfort The 9055 articulated tractor is an isodiametric model, in other words, all its wheels are the same size. In this case up to [...]

9045 Articulated Tractor


9045 Articulated Tractor Certified for fitting 18-inch wheels. 36 HP , great manoeuvrability, durability, low maintenance cost and reliability The 9045 articulated tractor is the upgrade of the old Agrimac 9900 and 8900 that now features all the performance and comfort levels of a current model. This tractor is fitted [...]

9030 Articulated Tractor


9030 Articulated Tractor 23 horsepower , lifts up to one thousand kilos. Certified for fitting 18-inch wheels The 9030 articulated tractor has 23 horsepower provided by a three-cylinder 1,115 cc Yanmar engine that includes direct and progressive injection to reduce fuel consumption. The way it is made makes [...]

a9100 Articulated Tractor


a9100 Articulated Tractor The top of the range and the most powerful of Agrimac’s articulated tractors. Equipped with the highest quality parts. The a9100 articulated tractor is the best of its kind, namely articulated vehicles with equal-sized wheels, also known as isodiametric articulated tractors. This one is fitted with [...]

9175 REV articulated reversible tractor


9175 REV articulated reversible tractor 70 horsepower , 32 synchronised gears and equipped with button activated reverse drive as standard. The 9175 REV tractor is an articulated and reversible model with four identical wheels of up to 320/70 R20 and fitted with a four-cylinder 70 horsepower Deutz [...]