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Agrimac is the machinery division of the company Agria Hispania. It was founded in 1958 by way of a merger between Basque entrepreneurs and Agria Werke GmbH. As of that moment Agria Hispania began importing German machinery and distributing it in Spain, where it was very well received by the agricultural sector during what was the beginning of mechanised agriculture in Spain. In response to the huge demand, a few years later rotary tillers and walk-behind tractors began to be assembled at the Amorebieta plant (Vizcaya, Spain).

The factory continued to grow in terms of assembly lines, employees, quality and experience in general. In the 1970s, this technical progress enabled Agria to sever its ties with its German parent company and begin to make its own machines, specialising in articulated tractors as well as rotary tillers and walk behind tractors.

The 1970s saw a massive expansion of the Spanish economy resulting in a commercial boom that made it possible to begin looking beyond the domestic market. In 1975, this led to Agria creating an export department mainly focusing on South America.

Over the following years the company continued to grow as regards its turnover, range of machinery, workforce and assembly lines. With the focus remaining on agricultural machinery. However, in 1992 Agria set up a factory in Huesca that saw the opening of the construction machinery assembly line. For the first time the company ventured into a sector outside agriculture. The first product to be marketed by the company in the construction sector was the dumper.

Once more Agrimac’s products were greately received both in Spain and abroad, which led to the opening of more and more assembly lines and the launch of new products onto the market. In 1998 the first forklift truck left the Huesca factory.

At the beginning of this century the market became increasingly competitive. Many companies within the sector fell by the wayside. Agria Hispania maintained its position as Spanish market leader and ended up as the only domestic manufacturer of tractors.

This resulted in the company becoming the sole representative of Spanish agricultural machinery technology on the international market, which enabled it to win multiple supply contracts from all over the world and, above all, from South America.

This period also saw Agria Hispania implement a second international expansion in areas dominated by its former German parent company. It was in this way that the company began to distribute agricultural and construction machinery both in Europe (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom) and Oceania (New Zealand and Australia), where it very successfully penetrated the Austral markets.

Today Agria Hispania continues to assemble machines where it all started, in Amorebieta, with the industrial design, production and marketing departments all still based within the same facilities, thus carrying on a business that has lasted sixty years which continues to provide quality machines to customers from all over the world.

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