62 years as leading Spanish lightweight machinery brand

Agrimac is present in 40 countries. Our network of repair shops is the most comprehensive and best established in Spain

Machines that last a lifetime

Our tractors last so long that they are handed down together with the land they work.

The most robust and resilient design

We are still supplying spare parts for the first Agrimac machines built back in the 1950s. Given that our machines last until they become classics, we see no reason to change the way we make them

Guarantee of quality

Our engineering department incorporates the very latest advances in the sector into each and every one of our models

We pass through all the market quality tests with flying colours

All our machines have passed the market’s most demanding performance tests. We are proud to share the results obtained by our machines in the product quality tests.

Local technical service

Our workshops pride themselves in getting your machine back to work as soon as possible.

We guarantee the indefinite availability of spare parts

Our extensive network of distributors and repair shops serves both Spain and the whole of Europe. We supply spare parts on an indefinite basis. Nothing is discontinued as long as our machines remain operational.

We have been making machinery since 1958

Agrimac was founded in 1958 in the Basque town of Amorebieta. Today our works and facilities still occupy the same seven-hectare site.
We started out making small agricultural machines, the ranges and power of which gradually increased to reach those of our current 100 HP isodiametric tractors.

In 1990 we entered the construction market by designing and manufacturing four-wheel-drive dumpers and forklift trucks.
We also began to diversify by incorporating ranges of agricultural and gardening tractors and becoming the exclusive importers for Spain of the most prestigious makes on the market.

For decades now Agrimac has been exporting to dozens of countries in all continents, with this being the mainstay of our turnover and future plans.

To maintain our position as the leading Spanish brand of light machinery and continue to grow in the international market.

To guarantee the quality of our products and after-sales service regarding both repair and the indefinite supply of spare parts.

Pride in a job well done. Reliable professional service and excellent customer relations.

Everybody who has, at any time since the middle of the last century, bought an Agrimac machine, who works with us and who helps us to grow.
The number of years machines have been coming off our assembly line
The number of spare parts sold last year
The total number of units sold since 1958
The number of hours worked last year in our headquarters

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