Project Description

TH-210 forklift truck

The lowest forklift on the market with respect to its load lifting and bearing capacity. 2,100 kg lift capacity. Ideal for agricultural use and indoor work. 50 HP.

The TH-210 forklift truck is a 4×4 hydrostatic model fitted with a 50 horsepower Perkins engine capable of lifting 2,100 kg to a height of 4 metres.

The main feature of this vehicle is its reduced height. It enables it to work inside any building, garages, storage facilities, etc. It is also suitable for greenhouses. Having dealt with its height, we can now look at its other features.

It stands out due to for its excellent weight distribution, which makes the inclusion of an excessively heavy counterweight unnecessary and, therefore, saves on fuel costs. If, when it comes to considering the price of a forklift, we do so considering the combination of its working life, with fuel consumption being added to the initial investment, the TH-210 is very cost effective. The other saving to be taken into account is the cost of maintenance. This forklift is designed not to malfunction. Reliability is its outstanding feature.

The minimex system is installed to easily prevent malfunctions. Another related essential feature is its tilting cab. Using a gas-cylinder powered mechanism, the cab is tilted forward leaving the mechanical parts exposed and ready to be inspected and repaired in situ without it having to be transported to a repair shop.

The TH-210 is a speedy forklift. It has a top speed of 21 km/h and also makes the most of its power. It is capable of negotiating gradients of up to 38%. Thanks to its 350 mm ground clearance, coupled with the size of its wheels, it is able to negotiate obstacles such as stones, dips, kerbs, etc. with considerable ease and also travel over complicated terrain such as soft and muddy ground without problems.

It has a robust structure. All of its parts are European and of the highest quality. It is designed to withstand the most demanding requirements and to be used outdoors in the worst of conditions. This resilience does not affect how smooth and easy it is to drive, even for inexperienced users.

The comfort features it offers include the silent block, which makes manoeuvring with loads much easier. Then there is the design of the mast which provides great visibility. Furthermore, the single piece of curved glass that makes up the windscreen and roof ensure that the load remains in full view no matter how high it is being held.

The TH-210 can be fitted with three types of cab: open, semi-closed and closed. The closed-cab option comes with air-conditioning and heating. Finally, also of note is the front-mounted hydraulic auxiliary take-off that enables the operation of all manner of implements: sweepers, side shifts, grabs, aggregate hoppers, etc.

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User manual
  • Payload:

    • 2,100 kilos
  • Engine: 

    • 4-cylinder Perkins 404D-22
  • Power:

    • 2,200 cc. • 36.5 KW. • 50 HP
  • Cooling:

    •  Water
  • Speed: 

    • Slow and fast: from 0 to 21 Km/h
    • Slow approach system
  • Transmission: 

    • Rexroth hydrostatic.
  • Traction:

    • 4 x 4
    • Electro hydraulic disconnect switch with clutch.
  • Gradeability:

    • 38 %
  • Wheels:

    • 11,50/80-15,3
    • 10,0/75-15,3
  • Turning circle:

    • Exterior: 4.450 mm
    • Interior: 2.950 mm
  • Brakes: 

    • Hydrostatic on drive wheels
    • Servo on front wheels
    • Parking system on front wheels
  • Mast options:

    • Duplex: 2.50 m 3.14 m and 3.60 m
    • Triplex: 4 m and 6 m
  • Unladen weight: 

    • 3,350 kg with mast triplex 4,00 metres (TR-2400)