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A-1007 Petrol Walk-Behind Tractor


A-1007 Petrol Walk-Behind Tractor Equipment wise, this is close to a professional walk-behind tractor . t is perfect for surface areas of around one hectare. The 1007 walk-behind tractor is the most advanced of the hobby range, which is designed for domestic use and working plots of around one hectare. [...]

A-1015 Diesel Walk-Behind Tractor


A-1015 Diesel Walk-Behind Tractor This is the top of the range. It offers the best equipment and highest performance . Its features are such that it could almost compete with a conventional tractor. The A1015 walk-behind tractor is the most complete machine manufactured by Agrimac. Here in Spain it is [...]

A-1013 Diesel Walk-Behind Tractor


A-1013 Diesel Walk-Behind Tractor Designed for full professional use . It has a synchronised gear for driven trailers, thereby converting it into a 4×4 unit . The A1013 walk-behind tractor is a totally professional machine. Not only for its performance, but also its features and equipment. It is designed for [...]

A-1011 Diesel Walk-Behind Tractor


A-1011 diesel walk-behind tractor This is a professional model certified for towing a trailer . Perfect for tough jobs on sloping ground. The A1011 diesel walk-behind tractor features a range of professional features, performance levels and components. And within this category, in comparison with all the other machines on the [...]

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