DW20 hydrostatic dumper


DW20 hydrostatic dumper With in-wheel motor technology. Reduced dimensions and capacity for carrying 2,000 kg. 395 mm of ground clearance This dumper is based on in-wheel technology. The DW20 is the only dumper on the market that uses this technology on a rigid chassis. This configuration provides a first-class [...]

DH-200 hydrostatic dumper


DH-200 hydrostatic dumper 2,000 kilo load and up to 1.2 cubic metres capacity . All of this combined with a 33.2 horsepower Perkins engine The DH-200 dumper carries up to two tonnes of weight in 1.2 cubic metres of space. This is a machine with hydrostatic transmission and [...]

DH-250 hydrostatic dumper


DH-250 hydrostatic dumper 2,500 kilo load capacity . Productivity, versatility and working comfort. 33.2 horsepower . The DH-250 dumper carries up to a quarter of a tonne in a space of 1.35 cubic metres . Its transmission is hydrostatic and it is fitted with a 33.2 horsepower Perkins engine. [...]