Project Description

TW21 forklift truck

50 HP mechanical engine and 2.100 kg lifting capacity. Compact size, 4×4 WD wheel motors model and no maintenace needed

The TW21 forklift truck is a 50 HP, wheel motors model with a 2.100 kg lifting capacity. Its design represents a technological breakthrough over its predecessor, the TH-210.

The implementation of hydraulic wheel motors technology provides notable advantages: huge maintenance costs reduction; higher efficiency of the 4×4 traction; grip enhancing;better optimization of the weight distribution and a lower fuel consumption.

The wheel motor technology is a leap over the differential axles system. The force distribution in the four axles of the vehicle is controlled by an anti-skid block system that synchronizes the effort of each wheel with greater efficiency in grip and fuel costs. In addition, it is a simpler system, with fewer mechanical components which allows a lighter vehicle. In addition, it requires practically no maintenance.

Another important feature is the cooling system. There are two independent radiators: one for the central engine and other for the hydraulic circuit. This additional cooling capacity guarantees 50 degrees oil temperature, which prolongs the forklift useful life in a long period of time.

The TW21 forklift truck is powered by a Perkins 50 HP Stage III A engine. The choice of this engine is focused on reducing maintenance costs. Other engines with electronic control unit are more expensive to maintain and also require a costly particles filter regenerations.

The TW21 is a compact forklift with 2.1 metres in height, 1.7 metres wide with 350 centimetres ground clearance. The size of the wheels, the rear wheel motors and the 24 km / h top speed with the 4WD reveal a very agile forklift. The stability, lightness and the external turning circle of 3.7 meters define the high maneuverability of the TW21 model.

Highest speed on the market

The TW25-4 reaches 24 km/h in 4×4 mode. Few forklift trucks on the market can offer this feature.

It operates very smoothly during loading and unloading tasks. The slow approach inching system provides flawless precision in the handling operations.

The cab of the TW21-4 is designed to offer panoramic visibility, with an ergonomic and adjustable seat that brings a high level of comfort.

The negative brake is a proper aspect of safety. It is an electrohydraulic brake automatically activated when the engine is stopped.

This truck has many more interesting features listed in the technical data sheet that you can find below. If you want to try it, do not hesitate to contact your nearest dealer.

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User manual
  • Payload:

    • 2.100 kg
  • Engine: 

    • Perkins 404D-22 • Stage III A • 4 cylinders • 2.200 cm³
  • Power:

    • 36,5 kW • 50 HP • 139 Nm
  • Cooling:

    • Water
  • Speed: 

    • 0 to 24 Km/h
    • Slow approximation system: Inching
  • Transmission: 

    • Poclain hydrostatic. Wheel motors
  • Traction:

    • 4×4  TW21-4
  • Gradeability:

    • 35 %
  • Wheels:

    • Front 10,0/75-15,3″
    • Rear 7,0/12″
  • Turning circle:

    • Inner: 2.225 mm
    • Outer: 3.725 mm
  • Brakes: 

    • Hydrostatic to all four wheels
    • Servo to front wheels
    • Parking system to front wheels
  • Mast options:

    • Duplex: 2.50 m 3.14 m and 3.60 m
    • Triplex: 4.00 m and 6.00 m
  • Unladen weight: 

    • 3,490 kg with mast triplex 4,00 metres (TR-2400)