Project Description

DW20 hydrostatic dumper

With in-wheel motor technology. Reduced dimensions and capacity for carrying 2,000 kg. 395 mm of ground clearance

This dumper is based on in-wheel technology. The DW20 is the only dumper on the market that uses this technology on a rigid chassis. This configuration provides a first-class combination of torque strength and power that makes the DW20 one of a kind in its category.

It is a completely new model that represents a giant leap n terms of technology and quality within the Agrimac range of dumpers. The DW20 consists of two models relating to the two drive configurations: 4×4 DW20-4 and 4×2 DW20-2. The only difference between these two models is the traction. All of the other features are exactly the same, including the Poclain in-wheel motors. The 4×4 version can use a self-loader. This is a very robust implement designed to tackle any job. It can load up to 300 kilos rapidly while the machine remains completely stable, thus preventing vibrations and any sudden, abrupt movements.

The DW20 dumper can carry two tonnes. For a machine of this capacity, it is robust and compact. It es less than two metres high, which makes it ideal for going through doors and working inside buildings. It is also very narrow at less than 1.6 metres. These two dimensions combined make the DW20 easy to operate and perfect for working in confined spaces.

Manoeuvrability is another of the DW20’s strong points. It has a really low centre of gravity and is, therefore, extremely stable. This is especially apparent on gradients and uneven terrain.

In the latter aspect above, the DW20 comes top of the class among rigid European dumpers due to its 395 mm of ground clearance, which enables it to navigate all manner of obstacles and move easily over uneven ground. Differential axle dumpers do not usually have more than 255 mm of ground clearance.

Another of the DW20’s most important features is its minimum maintenance cost thanks to its hydrostatic in-wheel motor transmission. The reason for this is that the hydraulic pump and motors self-lubricate using oil taken from the transmission. This is controlled from an oil level viewer located in the cab that ensures the smooth running of the entire system. This optimises the performance of the parts and greatly reduces wear and tear.

One of the most important aspects for dumper operators and site managers is speed. The DW20 has a top speed of 18 km/h and is also certified to be driven on the road following registration. And what’s more, it can also negotiate gradients of up to 35% when fully loaded.

Agrimac engineers strive for comfort and safety in every single part of the dumper. From the accessibility of the driver’s compartment, the safety belt and acoustic reverse warning system to the seat with arm rests and negative brake. It is the latter element that has today become an essential guarantee of safety as it automatically locks the machine down after switching off the engine. It is also fitted with a push button for activating the brake manually without having to switch off the engine.

Its high performance level, capacity and features ensure that the DW20 dumper is, without doubt, an exceptional machine. It adapts to any job. It has been designed with the very latest technology and the best parts on the market, which help to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. It is a tool designed to increase productivity and ensure operator satisfaction.

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User manual
  • Payload: 2,000 Kg • Shovel (optional) 180 L

  • Hopper: Water 650 litres • Struck 850 litres • Heaped 1,200 litres

  • Engine: Kubota D1105 diesel

    • 1,123 cc
    • 3-cylinder
    • 19 KW • 26 HP @3,000 rpm
    • Torque 72 Nm
    • V emissions phase
    • Alternator (V-A) 12 – 40
  • Cooling: Liquid

  • Starter: Electric

  • Traction:

    • 4×4  DW20-4
    • 4×2  DW20-2
  • Gearing: One forward and one reverse gear • Top speed 18 km/h

  • Transmission: Poclain hydrostatic

    • Variable flow and 40 cc/REV electro-hydraulic reversible actuator
  • Gradeability: 35%

  • Steering: Hydraulically assisted with priority valve. 110/120 Bar

  • Angle of rotation: Inner 1,750 mm • Outer 3,750 mm

  • Brakes: Hydraulic

    • Hydrostatic on front wheels (4×2 model). Servo to front wheels.
    • Automatic parking system on front wheels. (Negative brake)
  • Tyres: Front 11/65-12 (8PR) • Rear 23×8.50-12 (6PR)

  • Tank capacities:

    • Oil 30 litres
    • Fuel 20 litres
  • Battery: 12 V 44 Ah

  • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit: Gear pump. Working pressure 180 Bar. Maximum working pressure for accessories 200 Bar. 8cc/Rev (24 L/min)

  • Unladen weight:

    • Without shovel: 1,250 kg.
    • With shovel: 1,590 kg.
  • Standard accessories: Active safety equipment • Negative brake (parking) • ROPS/FOPS cab protection • Ergonomic seat with position adjustment and arm rests• Safety belt • Rotating spotlight • Acoustic reverse warning • Air filter with safety cartridge • Fuel filter

  • Optional equipment: Self-loader