Project Description

9185 REV articulated reversible tractor

76 horsepower, high hydraulic capacity and manoeuvrability. Fitted with a push button-operated reverse drive.

The 9185 tractor is an articulated and reversible model with four 280 /70 R18 wheels and fitted with a four-cylinder 76 horsepower Deutz engine. It is the most powerful and completely equipped model within our range of reversible tractors.

This can be seen by checking out the list of first-class parts with which it is equipped. All this combines to make it an extremely reliable, versatile machine with an exceptional capacity for work and an excellent level of performance.

Its outstanding features include the reverse gear with push button panel that makes driving so much easier by not having to constantly hold down the reverse drive pedal. It is also fitted with the Mechanical Synchro Shuttle and Creeper system. Another element that saves a great deal of effort are the L-shaped arms designed to facilitate the attachment of implements, specifically the loading towers.

The 9185 REV tractor is designed to be extremely robust, not only structurally, but also mechanically and part-wise. It is designed to work non-stop throughout its entire service life while guaranteeing low maintenance costs and transforming itself into a profitable investment for any farm.

Designed to be a tool that can be constantly used by the farmer, the 9185 REV tractor includes a number of comfort-based features. One of these is the overall cushioned platform of the driver’s cabin that prevents vibrations. This benefit is compounded by the mechanical suspension of the driver’s seat and the adjustable steering column. Continuing with the comfort theme, the manufacturer has not forgotten the manoeuvre for making the tractor reversible: fast, simple and comfortable.

We recommend you read the technical specifications of the vehicle to check out everything this magnificent tractor could offer you. You could also contact your local distributor to request a test drive during which you will experience the capacity of the 9185 REV for yourself.

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  • Engine:

    • Deutz TCD T4i 2.9 l
    • 2,900 cc., 4 cylinders
    • Dry air filter.
  • Power:

    • 76 HP/ 56 kW
  • Cooling: 

    • Water
  • Fuel tank:

    • 60 litres
  • Clutch:

    • Discs in oil bath.
  • Transmission:

    • Synchronised gearbox: 16 + 16, with De-Clutch reverse drive
    • Electro hydraulic DT connection (Spring-On/Pressure-Off).
    • Mechanical reverse function.
    • Oscillating front axle +/- 15 degrees.
    • “Hydralock” electro hydraulic differential locking.
  • Speed:

    • 40 Km/h.
  • Differential:

    • Front and rear differential with electro hydraulic control locking.
  • Power take-off:

    • 540/540E electro hydraulic PTO.
    • Proportional power take-off.
  • Steering:

    • Integral hydraulic.
    • Two dual-effect cylinders and independent circuit
  • Hydraulic circuit:

    • Double-body gear pump with independent circuit for lifting and steering. Maximum flow rate of 30 l/min for lifting and ancillary services and 22.5 l/min for steering.
    • Working pressure of 150 bar for lifting and auxiliary take-offs. 90 bar for steering.
    • 18-litre hydraulic oil tank.
  • Brakes: 

    • Front and rear brakes in oil bath with hydraulic control.
  • Hydraulic lift:

    • Double hydraulic pump (31 + 50 l/min) with independent circuit.
    • Category 2 3-point coupling with adjustable quick opening arms.
    • Third mechanical point with fixed ball and socket joints.
    • Rear hydraulic lift, Raise/Lower/Float.
    • Right-hand arm brace with mechanical adjustment.
    • Two rear hydraulic distributors
    • One standard and one floating with quick attachment.
    • EEC 2 category rear coupling.
  • Driving position:

    • Adjustable-angle steering column.
    • Driver’s seat with mechanical suspension, OPS and seatbelt.
    • Platform cushioned using Silent-block.
    • Removable roll bar.
    • Left-hand rear-view mirror.
    • Analogue dashboard with digital rpm counter, PTO and vehicle speed.
    • Reversible driving position with suspended brake and clutch pedals.
    • Rear-mounted work spotlight
  • Wheels:

    • 280/70 R 18
    • 320/65 R18
    • 11,2 R20
    • 300/70 R20