Project Description

9055 Articulated Tractor

The most powerful of the medium-range articulated tractors, it is certified to use 18-inch wheels and offers maximum manoeuvrability, reliability and driver comfort

The 9055 articulated tractor is an isodiametric model, in other words, all its wheels are the same size. In this case up to 250-/80-18 driven by a four-cylinder Yanmar engine that generates 47.6 horsepower. It can also be fitted with eighteen-inch wheels for increasing ground clearance and improving operator visibility.

The combination of reduced size, great power and manoeuvrability make it an extremely versatile machine designed especially for working in greenhouses, vineyards and among crops where the lines are planted out less than a metre and a half apart. It is also very useful in fields with little manoeuvre space at the end of the crop lines.

One of the characteristics of the 9055 articulated tractor most appreciated by the farming community is just how comfortable it is on the job. This is not only due to the way the machine responds, but also to the design and layout of the cab. Everything from the adjustable back support of the seat to the spaciousness of the cab and the efficiency of the control panel. All the gear levers are located next to the steering wheel. And they can be operated with the slightest of movements. The anti-vibrations system also plays a leading role in the comfort of this machine. As is the case with more powerful tractors, the driving position is mounted on a semi-platform that reduces the vibrations in the seat column and steering wheel.

This model is fitted with an independent clutch that performs like a double clutch for making it easier to use the implements. The power take-off is semi-independent of the drive system. The gearbox is synchronised with all twelve speeds: eight forward and four reverse. This means it is not necessary to stop the machine in order to change gear. It drives just like a car. As in a utility vehicle, the gear lever is located to the right.

Just as with all the other Agrimac tractors, the 9055 stands out due to its robust structure, reliability, its high work capacity and the quality of all of its parts. This adds up to low maintenance costs and a longer working life for the machine. The consumables, such as belts, fluid reservoirs, filters, etc. are installed in such a way that it is easy for the users themselves to access and change them, thereby bringing maintenance costs down even more.

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  • Engine: 

    • YANMAR 4TNV 88 NA M T3
    • 2,189 cc, 4 cylinders, 8 v.
    • Dry air filter.
  • Power:

    • 47,6 HP / 35 kW • (ISO TR 14396)
  • Fuel tank:

    • 35 litres
  • Cooling: 

    • Water
  • Transmission and PTO:

    • Synchronised gearbox: 8 + 4
    • Permanent DT connection (it cannot be deactivated).
    • Front and rear differential with mechanical locking.
    • 30 km/h.
    • 540 rpm mechanical PTO, can be disconnected.
    • Without proportional PTO.
    • Oscillating front axle.
    • Rear brakes in oil bath.
  • Hydraulic circuit:

    • 42 l/min hydraulic pump.
  • Lifting capacity:

    • 1,000 Kg.
    • Top-quality 3-point coupling
    • One point with fixed ball ends.
    • Rear-mounted hydraulic lift.
    • One floating rear hydraulic distributor.
  • Rear coupling:

    • EEC Category 2
  • Driving position:

    • Adjustable steering wheel.
    • Driver’s seat with mechanical suspension, OPS and seatbelt.
    • Roll bars.
    • Left-hand rear-view mirror.
    • Analogue dashboard.
    • Rear-mounted work spotlight.
    • Rotating spotlight.
  • Wheels:

    • 7,50-16 • 7,50-18
    • 250/80 R18  • 11,5/80-15,3
    • 260/70 R16