Project Description

9030-S rigid tractor

The only under-40 horsepower tractor on the market certified to be fitted with 18-inch wheels. 23 horsepower, an affordable investment that is cheap to maintain and provides a high level of performance

The 9030S tractor is an extremely versatile rigid 23 horsepower model. It is fitted with a three-cylinder water cooled Yanmar engine. This is an isodiametric vehicle, in other words its wheels are all of the same size. It is certified to be fitted with 18-inch wheels, which not only lift the vehicle higher off the ground, but also improve driver visibility.

The rigid models such as the 9030S are cheaper to maintain and perform better on steep slopes than their articulated counterparts. This becomes even more evident when the 9030S is coupled up to very heavy implements when working on sloping terrain.

One of the 9030 tractor’s most noteworthy features is its synchronised gearbox. It drives like a car. It is not necessary to stop the tractor in order to change gear. It has eight forward gears and four reverse. It can reach speeds of up to thirty kilometres per hour.

Another unique characteristic of this tractor is the possibility to fit it with a power take-off independent of the drive system, thereby improving the work done using any type of implement. Extra comfort is provided by the gear levers. These are located to the right of the driver, just like in a car.

You can find all of the details of its accessories and equipment in the tractor’s specifications. In general terms, this machine is designed to meet several requirements: firstly, sturdiness, not only of the tractor, which is capable of tackling the toughest of jobs day in day out, but also of all of its parts, which are of the highest quality; secondly, durability, Agrimac’s flagship characteristic. Agrimac tractors have the longest working lives on the market, and they have been known to last for ever. Thirdly, low maintenance costs. The parts that make up the 9030S and all of the tractors in the series are assembled in such a way as to make its consumables accessible and easy to change by a farmer who knows nothing about mechanics. Fourthly, safety: As well as complying with all the safety certificates and legal requirements, every Agrimac tractor passes tipping and collision tests, among many others, that minimise the possibilities of any mishaps.

This set of features converts every Agrimac tractor into a long-term investment that provides unbeatable returns in the form of financial and productive performance and peace of mind for the user.

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  • Engine: 

    • YANMAR 3TNV 76 NA M T3
    • 1,115 cc, 3 cylinders, 6 v.
    • Dry air filter
  • Power:

    • 23 HP / 16,7kW • (ISO TR 14396)
  • Fuel capacity:

    • 35 L.
  • Cooling:

    •  Water
  • Transmission and PTO:

    • Synchronised gearbox: 8 + 4
    • Mechanical DT connection.
    • Front and rear differential with mechanical locking.
    • 30 km/h.
    • 540 rpm mechanical PTO, can be disconnected.
    • Proportional PTO.
    • Oscillating front axle.
    • Rear brakes in oil bath.
  • Hydraulic circuit:

    • 18 l/min hydraulic pump.
  • Lifting capacity:

    • 1,000 Kg.
    • Top-quality 3-point coupling
    • One point with fixed ball ends.
    • Rear-mounted hydraulic lift.
    • One floating rear hydraulic distributor
  • Rear coupling:

    • EEC Category 2
  • Driving position:

    • Adjustable steering wheel.
    • Driver’s seat with mechanical suspension, OPS and seatbelt.
    • Roll bars.
    • Left-hand rear-view mirror.
    • Analogue dashboard.
    • Rear-mounted work spotlight.
    • Rotating spotlight
  • Wheels:

    • 7,50-16
    • 7,50-18
    • 250/80-18
    • 260/70-16